Monday, November 20, 2006

What Agents Say Who Have COMMITED To What We Offer

The following testamonials are but two examples of agents who were going nowhere with their previous companies. Both have been with us now for over three years and are recognized each year by the Chicago Association Of Realtors as 'Outstanding Achievers.'

"The team environment is very much alive at Chicago Home Estates. There are real support systems in place such as a dedicated marketing effort, as well as, an ongoing training and true mentoring from Joe Pinto and other top producers to ensure an agent success. It is in stark contrast to most brokerages where you are truly on your own and paying out money left and right just to be there. I'm well into my second year and very busy. I wouldn't think of hanging my license anywhere else and consider myself quite fortunate to be a part of this team " Jeff Bergstrom Formerly of Keller Williams

"I assumed making the switch to selling Real Estate would be easy. I knew the market and had over twenty years of sales experience. But when I went to work in an office with over 100 agents, I felt alone. My broker wouldn't even call me back. At Chicago Home Estates, we work as a team, I get instant feedback, valuable guidance and all the tools I need to succeed. " Ryan Wallenfang Formerly of Remax


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